tatum ray

a week ago today, our family of three became a family of four.
we welcomed tatum ray into the world.

those first precious moments with my sweet baby girl.

before she came, august nicknamed her big foot.....

august seeing "sis" for the first time.

he is so proud of her.
and a few nights ago said this, "i thought about it.
and i liketed the name tatum."

loves of my life all together.

coming home from the hospital,
she stared out the window taking in the world.

tatum, you are such a precious baby.
stealing our hearts more and more each day.


The Revell Family said...

Oh my goodness...these pics bring tears to my eyes. I can't believe she's finally here and that August is a big brother. ADORE the pic of your three loves...so so precious!

Katie said...

How sweet! She is beautiful! August looks so proud! You look amazing! Congratulations again! can't wait to meet her tomorrow!!