march recap

spring break week, mama passed her stomach bug onto the boys of the household.
so the week was spent playing nurse and maid.
"the bug" took forever to leave our house.
but my garden did its thing and started sprouting like crazy.
here are pictures at the end of week one.

i need to get our there and take some more pictures.
the brown on my thumb is fading away.
we even have our first tomato growing.

on saturday afternoon, we managed to make it out to the races.
the fresh air was so nice after a week of being cooped up.
tatum and avery enjoying some time away from the noise.

but i guess the noise didn't really bother tatum all that much!

getting some lovin' from aunt candis.

these two are something else.

mary kate in her st. patty's day dress made her talented mama.

tatum chillin' with her big girl cousins.

cline taking a break...the stomach bug took hold at their house too!
getting back out there and playing is hard work.

august and e.n. had a blast....they'd been looking forward to this for quite some time.

kinleigh loves her tatum and is a great babysitter!

marlee is digging in the cooler to keep cool.

we also celebrated granddaddy's birthday in march.
tatum is enjoying time with aunt cookie and grandmama jo.

gnawing on her pacifier.

got these two to stop running for one quick picture, and then they were off again.

august and the birthday boy.

singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles,
or as someone said letting the kids spit all over the cake!

i'm sure there are some instagram pics that will round out our march.
but those will have to come later!

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