outside happenings

we have all kinds of birds around here:
owls, dove, quail, red birds,
woodpeckers, blue birds,
and so many more.
i need to check out a book, so august and i can learn to identify them better.

after seeing our blue birds one day, mom put in an order for a bird house.
we got it in the ground, and the birds started doing their thing right away:
nest building, egg laying, and baby bird tending.

i am so disappointed that i didn't get to capture those eggs,
only god (via his birds) could create such a beautiful shade of blue.

every time they heard my camera click, they peeked up with open beaks
thinking their mama had come with food.
there were five in all,
and as far as we can tell they all made it.

another cute little birdie

my tomato plants are the only things that survived the move to the garden.
i may try the herbs again,
but don't hold your breath.
i've got some dogs that like to dig in there!

dad was aerating the yard.
travis was spreading seed,
and august was making plans of his own.

mama bird doing her thing:
flying back and forth all day long.
"pa's coming around again!"

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