celebrating birthdays

i beleive august called yesterday 'birthday party day'.
he was so excited that he had not one, but two parties to attend.

first up for the day was carson's party at the bowling alley.

these two bowled almost the entire time.

tatum soaked it all in.

the birthday boy and his friends.

miss hatton....so sweet!

then we moved on to jaxson's to celebrate grandma re turning 85!
tatum had her first resturant high chair experience.
where she promptly devoured her mashed avocado and tried to move on to eating the table.

happy birthday grandma re.
we love you!


The Revell Family said...

Uhmmmmm....Tatum's smile in the highchair....PRICELESS!!!

Samantha said...

Just love those boys of ours.....sweeties!