sea world

august had his first trip to sea world the last saturday in june.
he was so excited to see all the animals.

first stop, the dolphin show.

tatum soaked it all in too.

one of my favorite tricks.
i think this is what made me want to swim with the dolphins when i grew up!

stopping by to see the sting rays.

next up, the sharks.
i think he was most excited about the those.

tatum thought they were pretty amazing too.

somewhere in there we hit the walrus show too.
then lunch and on to shamu.
waiting for the big event.

and the first ever glimpse of shamu!
that face is priceless.

and this one.

and just one more.

world's most famous whale.

we also saw a really cool acrobatic show.
and visited the sea turtles and watched a cool 3d movie.

then we were ready to call it a day.
but we still needed a group shot.
take one:

take two:
those are pretty priceless too!
i guess that just means we need to go back again soon.

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