tatum: 7 months old

so much to say about this sweet girl.
she LOVES eating avocado.
everything else gets the gag so far,
unless it sucking on watermelon or cucumbers.
snagged a brownie off the table
and was attempting to dig on in!
is getting up on all four and doing the rock.
can scoot anywhere backwards.
naps like a champ,
but will stay up if we are out and about.
went on her first trip to sea world,
and watched it all like a hawk.
loves standing and stretching out her legs,
and all the attention august gives her.
(he can even pick her up and stand....scary!)
has warmed up to the water since it too has warmed up....
cold water not so much.
was quite angelic at her christening. 
we are loving watching her grow!

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Samantha said...

So sweet! Love her flag outfit.