first day of school

my big boy started school on monday.
earlier in the summer he was a little worried about starting at a new school.
but once he decided that the playground might be as big as a monster,
and he could stay for lunch and nap time, he was pretty excited about his new school.

posing and ready for the big day.

last year he insisted on taking a picture of mama and daddy.
this year was no different.

looking way too grown up here.

with mrs. norris, and pumped for the day ahead.

he had such a great first day!

then on day 2, he got sick.
daddy had to pick him up because mama was in winter haven with a sick baby sister.
but, the day brightened up with his new backpack and lunch box finally arriving.

so begins day 3 with his new gear.

mostly done with the day and no call to pick up him up.
here's to a better feeling tummy and some much needed blogging time for mama.

more of our summer fun to come!

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