august's 5th birthday

for months and months before his party,
there were only 3 requests:
a dinosaur cake
a water slide
and all my friends

i think we succeeded because we had one happy birthday boy!

cake diva mandy made his cake this year,
and mama helped with the toppers.
(idea from pinterest)

water slide = all the entertainment you need!

love this boy's curly hair!

cake time

present time
a quote from the birthday boy on ALL gifts,
"i've always wanted this!!"

the adults got in on the action too!

me and my boy

newest addition to the zwayer clan,
sweet baby winston.

august had it right....
the water slide is AWESOME!
i know i had as much fun as the kids did.

and one from his actual birthday day!!!

you are one special, not so little anymore, guy.
you make us laugh,
keep us on our toes,
have the sweetest heart,
have grown leaps and bounds,
in both size and knowledge.
and so much more.
we love you more than any words can express!
love you to pieces baby boy,
mama, daddy, and tatum

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Samantha said...

We had a blast:). Good times and precious memories!