i really do have a camera

and lots of pictures on it.
with lots of editing to do.
but here's a quick check in via instagram.

august's asthma started acting up, so out came the nebulizer.
daddy was home (we were supposed to be leaving for vegas),
so a little crazy 8's was in order.

play dough letter cookies.
another quiet, calm activity to keep breathing slow and steady.

by saturday, august was much improved
and we had baby sitters lined from our previous plans,
so travis and i slipped away for the night.
when got to the gaylord and went down to watch some football and eat some awesome nachos.

after a dinner of sushi,
we headed back to watch the noles.

the four giant screens did have a vegas feel!
even though the noles lost, we still enjoyed the big screen.

tatum was eating some puffs with her leg propped up.
kelsie was in the homecoming court (more pics of this later.).

hand pieced vintage quilt top.
crazy colors combinations and using what was available....
i'm so inspired.

after a full day of hanging (shopping) with the girls,
he was crashed in bed with all his "boys."

this weeks sewing list...
gotta get busy even though some of those have been marked off the list already!

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