green meadows farm

last friday, august's school took a field trip to the farm.

after visiting turkeys, the kids got to ride ponies.

then we went on a train ride.

and one of the most anticipated parts of the whole trip......milking the cow.
but huntley had no part of the milking.

shelby decided to give it a go.

august didn't want any part of it either.

and ella dove right in there.

feeding hay to the mama cow and her brand new calf.

tatum sat back and took it all in as usual.

making a tent to hold the baby chick.

the life!

the chicken is passed.

nearly strangled.

and then held properly.
(thanks to a helpful mama, i didn't have to drop the camera to save the chicken!)

i want one of these pretty guys.

the whole crew on the fire truck and the paparazzi taking their picture.

one great field trip!

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