from instagram

i was also trying to dump many others from my phone,
but they won't open (and i'm not fighting technology).

my phone will no longer instagram!
i guess it's time to upgrade.
so they're aren't many,
but it's a start in catching up this blog.

riding sunday in the south.
august thought he was on top of the world.

tatum loved ridin' up there too.
and just let me say, it was my first buggy ride,
and on top of the world is just how you feel that high up!

this girl raided the pantry and found an avocado.
she ripped into it, skin and all.

poor avocado.

sewing an easter dress on easter eve.

finished with 20 minutes to spare.

watching swiss family robinson and sewing made for a relaxing afternoon.

and the dress fits!!

1 comment:

Samantha said...

I literally LOL about the avocado....that girl is a mess! Too funny.