these days

the phone is about as good as it gets with pictures.
you see, this little monkey is all over the place.....
and a climbing up and all over everything!

a throw back thursday picture...

because this is what they actually looked like that thursday afternoon.

crazy hair day at school.
he was pumped about this all week leading up to it!

not sure this is the runway look ralph was going for,
but i think she rocks it!

before the dirty dozen run.

after dirty dozen run.

and my cheering crew before the race.

memorial day weekend we also enjoyed some lake time.

cowgirl tatum with her six shooter.

my new sewing assistant.

and my first sewing assistant
(almost exactly fours years to date!)

sewing fuel on a rainy afternoon....bliss!

birthday celebration for shelby.
and kiva (the dog) enjoyed some cake too!

i'll be back later this week with some pictures from my real camera!

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