june from the iphone

this boy was ready for his kindergarten splash day.

the plastic piece that holds the metal thread holder in place cracked.
insert straw and keep on sewing.
'cause mama ain't got no time for that!

my favorite quilt tag to date!

sweet girl picking wildflowers in the woods.

hugging on the maid-of-honor and wedding planner extraordinaire.

and with the beautiful bride.

playing with granddaddy on father's day and melting my heart.

my main squeeze and best friend turned 39 on the 16th!

last week the tallahassee cousins were here,
and we soaked up our time with them.
we pool hopped, lake hopped,
celebrated grandma re's birthday,
hit the children's museum,
squeezed in some VBS,
and loved every minute of it!


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