mrs. pat's quilt

our beloved swim teacher, mrs. pat,
entrusted me to a very special project:
to finish a quilt that her mother started for her.

bits and pieces from her childhood clothing
were cut and sewn together to form dresden plates.
after much ironing those darn things would.not.lay.flat.
the original plan was tweaked in order to keep as much of the original work as possible.
and the fans were born from there.
each fan is hand appliqued, and then the blocks were sewn together.
the binding is made of the extra pieces of fabric for a scrappy look.
i opted for tying instead of quilting.
it just felt like the right thing for this quilt.

so 30 years after it was started,
it is now being loved on!

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Samantha said...

I'm so lucky to have such a talented friend! Its beautiful.