last weekend

we headed to tallahassee to visit erica and the kids.
and to take the kids to their first ever florida state game.
the weather was typical tallahassee:
rainy and cold on saturday,
and rainy and muggy on sunday.

ever so thankful for a tent and close parking spot during our rainy tailgate,
and my awesome hubby hooked us up with box seats for the game.
not your typical game experience, but we stayed dry!
the kids had a great time watching the band, taking part in the tomahawk chop,
watching burt reynolds throw the spear,
and cheering our team to a victory!

after the events that took place on campus a few days before the game,
the feeling of unity was stronger than ever before.
so proud to be a 'nole!

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Samantha said...

What an awesome picture! Tatum is so grown up:(