memorial day and all its excitement

festivities were quite traditional.
time with friends at their beautiful lake house.
grilling out and great summer side dishes.
and little ones all over the place.

best buddies playing

i think august is sending kenny the i'm gonna steal jamie look!

youngest of the 3 older kids

huntley - looking just like daddy

the youngest baby of all

sitting in the shade

then came the excitement.
august had an allergic reaction to something (possibly suntan lotion).
his eyes were almost swollen shut in the matter of minutes.
after frantically calling doctors (yes more than one was called!),
getting some benadryl from the drug store,
and taking a dose,
the hives started all over his body.
this is what he looked like after the medicine started working.

even his ears were swollen.
just like will smith in hitch.

thank you to all of our wonderful friends for looking up numbers,
calling doctors,
running travis to the store,
wiping suntan lotion off our bodies (to prevent more from getting in the eyes),
and just being concerned and supportive.
you guys are the best!

on the way home we saw the biggest turtle ever.
travis called it an alligator turtle.
it looked mean enough to bear that name.

august caught a few zzz's and his hives went down.
so we went to celebrate uncle kenny's birthday.
here's to 53 years
and many


Katie said...

Great pictures! Poor August!! Now that makes me wonder...twice since going to the lake Madison has broken out in hives...maybe it is the suntan lotion on her too? She doesn't break out till the next day...which is weird. I thought it was something she was eating and planned on testing after school gets out. It was on her face two weeks ago and today all over her torso. Hmmm..Hope he is feeling better!!

Kelly said...

Oh no poor August! He looks so uncomfortable! I'm glad the Benedryl helped! Talk to you soon!

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

Poor little August! And poor YOU! I'm sure that was quite a scary time until you figured out what was going on. Sounds like you got it all under control pretty quickly though.

See you soon!

Brookers in Benton said...

Poor thing! Glad you had lots of friends to help you, that would have been very scary!