mama's getting crafty

don't these fabrics make you want to get crafty?

well, that's what i did.
i totally stole the idea from another blog.
i am really not that creative, just pretty good at copying.

i used witch stitching (i think that's the name) to iron the fabric on.
then dusted off the sewing machine,
so i could stitch the edges.

yes, i had to pull out the directions.
its been at least 3 years since i have sewed anything.

the bobbin broke and i almost resorted to hand stitching.
i was fully prepared to be up all night to finish.
yes, i was waiting until the last minute to make birthday gifts.
no fretting though.
i know my sewing ability and bought back up gifts.

my helper was drooling over the new and fancy toy.

and the final product:

i have a few ideas for boy shirts and more ideas for some girly ones too.
please, bombard me with ideas and/or requests.
this was so much fun!!


Katie said...

Ohhhh I LOVE it!!! That is the ONE thing...I haven't mastered...We actually have two sewing machines and I haven't a clue how to use them. I would love to learn how to do that. Those turned out SOOOOO cute. So how much ya sellin' them for??? I'll be your first customer! :)

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

I'm going to be thinking about ideas.

How about an alligator? Or will your Seminole pride keep you from that? :)

They are so precious and you can count on me to be a customer!

Nicole said...

Those are great! What about dance themes for girls?!? Tank tops with designs for girls, too! I love them.....I'll be a customer.

emily said...

Adorable Erin! You're inspiring me to pull my sewing machine out too!

Heidi said...

Awesome Erin! My suggestion is fish..ocean creatures...I'd buy 'em! Love it that you up and did it! :-)