we went to the lake on sunday to celebrate. the boys loved playing on the golf cart.
they were really excited when they heard the train going by.
they turned the radio up and busted some moves.
no one was hurt by the bungee cord - i promise.
august helped pa drive gran up to the house.
brooker drove the paddle boat.
well, almost.
nanoe and papa g came up too.
the boys kicked back in the chair.
it was a busy afternoon.
yes, we celebrated my birthday.
i wish this was august's finger.
that would mean he has diversified his diet!
i needed help blowing out all those candles.
wouldn't it be great to really be 5 again?
me and my boy.
loving him some cake.
mama is ready to finger sweep that cake out.
it was after all, just before bed.
sugar just before bed . . .
enough said.
doesn't brooker know that cookies don't require face wiping?

thanks mom and dad for hosting.
and everyone for coming.
i had a great time!


Brookers in Benton said...

Happy Birthday Erin, you look great for 5 :)

Katie said...

Hey! I did leave you a message on FB yesterday...but hope your birthday was great!! I love the pictures!

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

Happy belated birthday!