you might be a southerner

if your husband says,
"hey, come look.
there's a gopher crossing the road."
while standing in the front window.
eating a cold rib.

there are so many things i love about the south . . .
sweet tea
black-eyed peas
slow paced life
corn bread
grits & tomato gravy
manners we instill
our drawl
and many more

what are some of your favorite southern things?


back around the time when august was born,
there was a southern living issue that had great article in it.
it was on the last page (southern journal section).
it was quotes about the south from southerners.
i, of course, threw out the magazine,
and can't seem to find it online.
so if anyone keeps their old issues,
i would love to get my hands on this.
i am thinking it must have been the summer/fall of 2007.
please let me know if you can help!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I don't keep anything past a year..but if you need a PBK catalog from January...I've probably got that! :)

I love the south too...oh and especially okra! I'm getting some at the store tonight! (on sale at Publix).

My favorite things are the closeness of the family. I have "yankee" friends that either don't keep in touch with family or swear they were adopted and can't stand to be around family. I always look forward to spending tiem with my grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins. And I love that my kids are growing up with my cousin's kids.

I also love being able to pick fresh citrus off the trees in my yard. Or, watching the wild life swim by...even though they can be bad, gators are amazing creatures and all part of the history of the South.

I love that my girls have picked up "Y'all, and fixin'" even though they really aren't words. I also love that they know to say, Please and thank you and Yes M'am and No Sir.

And even though we don't get the change of season...it is nice wearing flipflops year round! :)