children's museum

i am a bad mama.
this is the first time august has ever been to the children's museum.
he loved it.

they have the coolest "real" stuff to play with.
i had to keep myself from playing in the grocery store the whole time.
i mean who can resist the scanner and cash register?

the boys loved the fire truck.
and wearing real fireman's hats.

what a cool fire alarm pull!
brooker did some shopping.

they took a break at the diner.

did a little face painting.

love the light in this one!

august watched for a fire on the forestry tower.

and played office on the computer.

mama played dress up in an old bridesmaids dress.
it really is one i wore in a wedding.
mom donated it to the museum.

too funny!!
i promise to be a better mama and return soon!

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