dresses (or shirts) for sale

$12 each.

circle napkin

brown flower napkin

pink bandanna

blue bandanna

the length of the napkin dresses measure roughly at 19 inches.
the length of the bandanna dresses measure roughly at 20 inches.
august* was a helper and allowed me to put the bandanna dress on him.
it hit right at his knees. so i am guessing that they would be considered a 18 mo - 2T as a dress.
3T - 4T as a shirt.
the ribbon straps give you room to play.
(*note - he promptly started ripping it off. i guess he figured out pretty quick that it wasn't for boys.)

all fabrics have been prewashed.
however, i suggest washing in cold water.
(even throw in a color catcher by shout--these things are wonderful!!)
line dry.

please leave me a comment if you would like one.
make sure to note which one. (first come first serve.)
also, if your email address isn't in available through your profile, please leave it in the comment as well.

hope you like them!


Katie said...

ohhh....Okay...first come first serve...does this mean I can grab two up? :) Olivia is STILL wearing 18 months and not showing any signs of growing anytime soon...so, if they are still available, can I buy both the napkin dresses??? TOO CUTE! 287-3661. Let me know when I can meet up with you. I'll be in Sebring tomorrow.

Heidi said...

I would love one. Very cute! Any more of either napkin dress/shirt ? If not, do you take orders? I like the blue bandana one too. Let me know. heididavisesq@embarqmail.com

Kelly said...

Erin you should make more of these and put them on Etsy.com they would sell like crazy I bet! So cute!