college football - the best sport there is

college football officially kicked off thursday night,
but it just didn't feel official until i could watch some college gameday on saturday.

i just love all the hype of college football.
the traditions, the feel of fall in the air,
heated debates of who is better,
children and adults sporting gameday gear,
fight songs, the anticipation of it all,
and of course gathering tailgate style
(whether at home or the field)
to enjoy great food and fellowship with friends
(and sometimes temporary enemies!).

saturday we "tailgated" at the revell's for the gator game.
all that orange and blue was hard on the eyes,
but when little ones this cute sport it, it just doesn't seem soooo bad.

huntley is such a ham for the camera.

molly jane was not big on my flash.
it bothered her eyes.
but here is one of her checking out the quick headband bonny made her.
hamming it up again.
o.k. these shirts are stikin' cute -- even if they are gator shirts.

and this is about all i could catch of these two.
thanks for the great time bonny and jared.
we enjoyed our first "tailgate" of the season.

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Samantha said...

Way to be a good sport about the orange and blue, Erin! Great pics!