friday night lights

we spent friday night under the football lights.
ap vs. lp
my alma mater vs. trav's alma mater

cousin paige striking a pose
her cross necklace glows in the dark.
and i quote, "erin, my necklace glows in the dark.
and you don't even have to turn it on!"

playing cars on papa g's leg

watching the cheerleaders
(i think he likes what he saw a little to much for this mama's heart!

the best action shot i could get
(i apparently need to practice a bit more before my boy takes the field one day.)

this plaque is displayed on the press box.

my granddaddy ran the clock for the home games.
as a little girl, i remember playing in the press box at the old field on friday nights.

shh . . . don't tell . . . but sometimes he let me hit the buttons.

my dad took over running the clock for home games.
he officially retired this year, but he filled in last night.
my cousin, leighton, sat up there with him.
i'm sure he was just as excited to be up there as i used to be.

by the way ap won.
go red devils.

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