noles boys, traveling apple pie, and a quick t-shirt makeover

we finished labor day weekend with one last gathering to watch the noles.

the boys showed off their garnet and gold:
cline parker
huntley - he is just a little confused about what team to cheer for, so for now i guess he will cheer for both!

the traveling apple pie:finally enjoyed after being dragged all over the county to 4 different gatherings.

and a quick t-shirt makeover:

after realizing my boy had no gameday gear, i decided to do a quick makeover.

cut out fsu logo on a too small shirt.
ironed on pocket of black t-shirt with witch stitch.
stitched around edges to secure.
wash and wear.

quick fix for now.
and yes i am in mourning over last night's loss.
at least it was a good game, right?!?!


Heidi said...

You are so very resourceful! Love it.

Robyn said...

Very cute shirt idea!