annual cleaning of the camp

every year camp gets a good cleaning, both inside and out.

loving a john deere with a little duck tape.
apparently they still run, even is the hood falls completely off.
yes, somewhere on jahna lane, there is one that has suffered more abuse than this one.
i guess they saying holds true, "nothing runs like a deere."
taking a mowing break to swing

walking through the unmowed grass
blaze got some exercise in, but is still a little out of shape for quail hunting.
this dog sure does love being in the woods.
a t-shirt refashion, and i use the term fashion loosely.
but it did cool things down!
no fancy equipment needed, just a good 'ole pair of scissors.
and finally a little neck dirt to prove that camp is clean
and a hard days work has been put in.

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Heidi said...

love this post. love the shots!