celebrating 2

the invite
happy birthday banner

sweet treats

(i am still finding sprinkles around the house!)

face painting

the "artist" at work on the birthday boy.

mini corn dogs

corn dogs

playing peek-a-boo under the table

loving balloons

bean bag toss

new tee ball set minus the tee (august doesn't always feel the need to use it!)

parker sleeping through it all.

cline takes his turn up to bat.

august realizes what that red and blue thing is for.

shelby taking it all in

"yummy goldfish mrs. erin"

"oh wait, let me ham it up for you!"

"but mom, it is so much more fun when you are in the box."

cake time

family photos

(august did a little head move there. daddy got to kiss sweaty hair!)

proof that he actually touched his cake this year.

messy, good cupcakes

opening up those great gifts

clean up time

the paparazzi (sp?) are at it again.
notice each boy is looking at a different person with a different camera.

we had a wonderful time celebrating auggie's birthday.
thanks family and friends for spending some time with us to honor such a sweet little boy.


Samantha said...

You did such a good job capturing all the great moments, Erin. We had so much fun. Thanks for having us.

Heidi said...

I love the birthday theme and you did an amazing job with all the decorative details...so great!!!

The new header is precious too!