the brother is earning his keep

its been busy sewing for the last three days.

mending my old clown costume for august to wear.
my mom made it for me when i was 2.
her last ever BIG sewing project.
something about having a 2 year old hanging on her while sewing on a t.v. tray made her quit?!?!?

sewing a costume for parker.
it's a surprise!! (i promise to show you next week!)
here is a little sneak peek:
can you guess what it is?

and sewing my first quilt.
for a charity.
their site it down--hope this is not a bad sign.

i am loving sewing.
and learning by mistake-
like you can't iron felt.
and sewing machine needles will make you bleed.

and i had to throw in this picture:

because its cute.
and reminds me of days when kari and i played together,
while our moms got crafty and did things like hanging wallpaper for days and days.
we sure are lucky that our boys are going up together too.

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Heidi said...

love this post. can't wait to see the fruits of your labors.