pumpkin carving

we carved our pumpkin last thursday night.
i read somewhere that you should cut out the bottom of the pumpkin,
then all you have to do is light the candle and set the pumpkin on top.
we tried it and i will never do it any other way.
not only was it easier to light (no messy hands digging around trying to light the candle),
but i was able to make the hole bigger for better gut diggin'.
checking out the insides.
"look mama!"
putting seeds back in.
he wasn't about to get his hands in there.
he did like stirring the seeds.
the final product.
the best part:
seeing this face light up and saying "whoa, mama!"
when he saw our jack-o-lantern all lit up.
the second best part:
toasted pumpkin seeds.

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