the deer and friends come to visit

travis got the BIG one.
and man was he happy.

august sure was proud of his daddy.

jared and eric decided to go back out and sit for awhile.
its funny how a big buck can do that to ya.

later that day, we headed back down to the creek.

for some rock throwing.
can you see that my boy is feeling under the weather?
his eyes say it all.

the brooker's in benton came to visit.
and brooker sure was happy to see his cousins.
us girls enjoyed catching up too.


hanging on to mama.
a sure sign that an illness looms.

and more cuteness

the acorns were falling all around us.
we busied ourselves like squirrels.

another great view to take in.

huntley sure knows how to pose for a picture.


Samantha said...

I love all the pics. You did such a wonderful job of documenting the whole trip. I love, love, love the one of Rylie with her little booty hangin out. ADORABLE!!! We'll have to get photo disc to each other. Travis' deer looks HUGE. Good job documenting that!!
Talk to you soon. Hope Auggie continues to feel better.

Brookers in Benton said...

Hey Erin, thanks for taking the pictures of the girls I love them. So glad we got to come visit yall for a while.