photo shoot - the farm

there were so many places to take pictures around the farm.
the front gate was something that you only see on t.v.,
or in magazine pictures.
we wanted to haul the kids up there bad,
but knew the hunters wouldn't appreciate us getting so close to them.

so we had to settle with this . . .
(can you hear my sarcasm here?)

and this.

august was in full force sick mode.
but i did manage to get a few good ones.

the house from the driveway.
if i ever go missing for awhile,
this might be a good place to go looking.
it was beautiful,
and so much more.

but we had to get back to reality.

thank you so much bryan and samantha for your hospitality.
we loved every minute of it,
and enjoyed seeing a little bit of heaven on earth.

visit priceless bliss and the revell family for more of our tennessee fun.

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