old houses

i love old houses.
and this past weekend we stayed in one.
the john denham house of monticello

it is such a great place,
and full of all the details old homes have.
this is in the corner of the stairs.
(can someone please tell me what it is called?)

front porch with ferns and wicker
can you get any more southern?

doors with chipped paint

brick lattice

huge pocket doors

little boys using visors as slingshots
not part of the charming house, but look at all that light the old windows let in.

newel (yeah, i looked that up) woodwork
just the right height for knocking a knot on you head (if your are about 36 inches tall)

and so much more,
like the dark stained hardwood floors,
bead board ceilings,
and the light that those windows let in.
(i know i already mentioned that, but man it was good. )

now back to my new house.
to clean up the plastic i just burned onto the stove!

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