i almost forgot

parker was a money bag. i bet you didn't guess that!!

and because i had requests from so many of my faithful followers,
(o.k. so it was only samantha and bonny)
me in the clown costume 30 years ago:
and erica sent me this pic today.
kinleigh is sporting her dress made by aunt erin.
i hear she is doing some good advertising for me!!


Katie said...

Cuteness! P.S. I have to say...that I must have you make some more dresses for me! Since I have a 6 year old who runs small...Olivia's dresses sometimes pose as tops for Madison...and now they seem to fight over the "bow dresses". Seeing as I only have two...I see the need for more. :) Just a heads up. Thank you!

Samantha said...

Thanks for the vintage pic, Erin....that is SOOO cute and neat that August wore it and you have pictures of the both of you. TOO CUTE!

The Revell Family said...

Super cute pics Erin!

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

The money bag costume is PRICELESS! No pun intended. It is truly adorable!