when life gives you apples,

lots and lots of apples,peel, core, chop, spice them up,
throw in the slow cooker all day,
blend until smooth,
and fill freezer jars,
so you can have apple butter anytime you want it.
i didn't can them because quite honestly, i'm scared.
scared of doing it wrong and making somebody sick.
(so, heidi d., next time you can, wanna teach me??
i promise to pay attention in class and be a helpful student.)
find the recipe here.

and because i think this little one was too cute eating breakfast at camp--


Kelly said...

Such a cute smile, or laugh! He is just adorable! I love ya, have a wonderful thanksgiving! KG

Spencer Girl said...

A-dorable picture of August with his cheerios. And after Heidi does her canning class could you also do one on sewing????