christmas at home

after christmas eve candlelight service,
we came back to the house to open presents with poppa g and nonae.

august was excited to see his new tent and tunnel with thomas the train.
he loved sporting his new shoes, sans pants (i guess they were bothering him?),
and checking out mama's new bag.

he only had two meltdowns, and this was one of them.
the next morning we were so excited to see that santa had left some presents under the tree.
and this little guy was all into it.
he checked out every part of his new red jeep!

mama must have been pretty good too,
because she got a new camera lens.
august wasn't so sure about that big ole thing on mama's camera.
but he wanted to get in on the action too,
with his very own brand new camera.
the stockings were a hit too.
he especially loved all the m & m goodies.
taking a break to watch the christmas story shoot out scene.
(notice august is shooting too with his m & m candy cane!)
i am LOVING my new lens.
thank you babe!!
his first riding partner.

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Heidi said...

so envious Erin! Santa offered me 1)the lens I've been pining for or 2) new deck furniture (to replace the table that the last hurricane broke) and I made the self-less choice (right?!!!!) and went with the furniture. But almost instantly I told Santa Rod that I regretted my decision. Oh well. I'll go pout in my new chair I guess. Hmph! :0 Glad you are enjoying it. Email me with details!!!