traveling christmas

after presents, breakfast, and play at home,
we traveled north to have christmas with gran and pa.

a new wooden peg bench.
pa doing some karate kid moves with his new ribbon headband.
a last minute sewing project.
shoes bags for both mom and toni,
i think they loved them as much as i did!
a new seminole tricycle
this is the ornament that my elf fingers were working so hard to finish.
super easy and 3 of them were whipped up rather quickly.
the hardest part was getting that hand print.
thank goodness for hard sleepers.

my mom's family came over for lunch.
and man did we eat good.
the sanders family.
cameron with a tebow impression.
(i got some video footage and promise to post later--way too funny!!)
opening gifts.
travis got this book too.
the photography is AMAZING!
later that afternoon we traveled to poppa g and nonae's for time with travis' family.
lily and august ran, crawled,
played ball,
and jumped until they were both plum worn out and silly.

lily loved her new doll.
and august tried once again to ride the miniature tricycle.
hope he has a better voice than his mama.
a really tired, happy, loved, and grateful little boy.


Spencer Girl said...

Love the shoe bags, Love the tricycle, Love the Tebow imitation! and of course, the PJs.

Heidi said...

Santa brought that photography book to our family too and IT IS FAB! Looks like a delightful Christmas for the Stivenders! Happy New Year!