jahna christmas party

every year the extended jahna family gathers to celebrate the season.
as they say, "it all started when 2 people fell in love."
and it has grown to many, many.
(roughly 80-90 were there, and some were missing!)

we enjoyed a good lunch,
but most importantly visiting and catching up.

august had a blast and especially enjoyed a new found love--
the trampoline.

he and cousin paige jumped, jumped, and jumped some more.

falling down may have been the best!

their was no lack of entertainment:
fuse ball
it requires intense concentration.
the different looks of defeat!
taking in other action:
pool, pinball, slot machine, and table bowling.
some ping pong too!
more jumping on the trampoline
with leighton,
kelsey joined in too,
(this would make a great card!)
and cole didn't want to miss out either.

my aunt cheryl requested some pictures,
and i quote, "not downloaded on the computer,
or on a disk, real ones that i can put on my refrigerator."
so cheryl, this are for you,
and i promise to print them out for your frig!
cousin love, jahna lynn and adrian.
a little less love here:)
a new friend, lee.
adell and andrea.

although the weekend in december and location have changed over the years,
this continues to be a fun family event!

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