exercising with a partner

lessons learned:
*my partner can only focus on certain moves for seconds at a time.
*jumping jacks are hard to accomplish while holding hands.
*ab work should probably not be done with someone jumping on your stomach.
*they should make some sort of protection device for women. (yeah, the archway that mama was making was not as tall has he thought.)
*dodging legos can be a workout in and of itself.
*taking pictures while continuing to workout, makes for some blurriness, but i was fearful of jillian jumping out of the t.v. and smacking me around for stopping!
*from now, this must happen during nap time or before my partner wakes up in the morning.
yep august, i am dumping you as my 30-day shred partner, but promise to take you out for some running.

1 comment:

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

LOL, you are so funny and your workout partner is adorable!

Oh, and the burlap valance is a nice touch.