happy fat tuesday

my parents took travis and i to new orleans the summer of my 21st birthday.
i fell in love with the whole place.
the FOOD, music,
salty humid atmopshere,
the accents,
and so much more!!
it is a party all the time,
and i can't even begin to imagine what it is like today--
the last day of mardi gras.

we won't be able to eat our traditional shrimp etouffee tonight,
so i whipped it up last night.
(does two years on a row count as a tradition?)

now if you like shrimp and spicy,
you are gonna LOVE this!

the ingredients:
roux (flour and butter),
the holy trinity (the cooking one that is),

(1) diced tomatoes,
(2) garlic,
(3) cajun seasoning, pepper, cayenne peppper, salt,
(4) green onion, parsley,
and (5) shrimp.

the process:

(1) melt butter and gradully whisk in flour
(2) cook roux for 15-20 minutes (should be a caramel color)
(3) add in trinity and garlc and cook until limp (5 minutes)
(4) add shrimp, spices, onions, parsely and stir to coat
(5) add 1 cup water and tomatoes, boil, reduce to simmer for 10 -15 mintues.

serve over rice

with some crusty french bread topped with garlic and chive butter.

recipe courtesy of the southern lady herself:
paula deen
from paula deen celebrates!
(if you don't have this book i highly recommend it--
it covers just about any holiday you could think of,
including elvis' birthday!


Heidi said...

love love love the step by step pics. think i'll be trying this one...looks yummy!

Rod and I enjoyed N-aw-lins too...pre-Katrina. Did you guys "do" Preservation Hall?

Heidi @ Livin' and Lovin' said...

I love how you did all of these pictures! What a neat way to see it all!

It looks delish!

Mandy Lower said...

This looks yummy!! I am going to try this!!