cleaning out my inbox

finally got around to cleaning out my inbox.
a.k.a. saving pictures that have been sent to me.
so forgive how random they are, but i wanted to share.

august was for some reason pouting when gran got her first deer.
dad couldn't have captured it better.

this is from over a year ago.
look how little the boys are.

heidi "shot" me in action one night at our photography class.
she called it erin stivender photography, inc.
i kinda like the sound of that!

i think he's saying, "whoa, this thing is fast."
kinleigh was probably praying.

this two hams were practicing future dance moves.

and finally, august at the tea room.
picture this: 4 moms,
1 four year old,
3 two year olds (all boys!),
and 1 eight month old
with many of our "northern" visitors
just around the corner in the other room.
they were surprisingly good,
only one dish got broken,
and not even one scowl or comment from anyone!

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