sneak peak reveal

saw this and just had to make one for a special little girl that was turning four. one for barbies (test run) and one for bigger dolls.

she loved them!
as a matter of fact,
they traveled everywhere we went,
which just melted my heart!

i must add this little quote from our trip:
"goldfish are made from fish.
i'm FOUR and KNOW it!"


Katie said...

It turned out great!!! I love the colors!!! She looks so proud!!

And I recognize that place....You guys got to enjoy St. George for her birthday - you lucky dogs! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fabric on the back! You do such an amazing job Erin!!

Mandy Lower said...

Sorry I forgot to let you know that comment was from me!

Erica Bass said...

Kinleigh is still toting them all around...school, grocery store, jeep. Just about everywhere we go, they go!! Thanks Erin for such a thoughtful gift!!!