thank you and some happenings

thank you so much ladies for all those wonderful compliments on molly jane's pictures.
those blooming azaleas, white dress,
and beautiful girl made it.
all i had to do was push that button down!

which leads me to:
happening #1
my camera is not working properly.
worked with canon service department and still no luck.
so, i have some options,
none of which are cheap.
so, katie, i would love to capture those girls,
but i'll have to figure out the camera situation first.

happening #2
last week we did some networking at mops for our at home businesses.
i sewed like a crazy women in between dr. appointments and such,
and made some really cute stuff.
i hope to post them soon.
(when i can bring myself to fight that camera and take some pics!)

i have been known to be a last minute kind of girl,
but waiting till last week to sew for thursday was a bit much.
however, i have a very good excuse:
happening #3
we were out of town for the easter holiday.
enjoying some time with erica, eddie, and kids.

taking in this view:

from this house:

found on:

so many pictures to share,
even with a camera that wasn't functioning properly.
be back soon with more!


Heidi said...

SOOOOO Funny you should post this today! Rod and I have been researching like crazy planning a trip to St. George soon! Send me an email with some info. What a coincidence!

Katie said...

Heidi, St. George is a great spot especially for kids! And I bet that Erin probably knows of atleast TWO rentals on that beach...right Erin?? LOL

Erin, we haven't planned our girls weekend trip but you need to go this year!!! Not sure if we will go back to St. Geo or Destin....not even sure when. :)