game day rosettes

without bling with bling
choose your favorite colors for saturday.
you may even need some for friday night (or other high school events).
set of three pins for $12.
one large rosette hair pin for $5.

other colors are available, just let me know if i have missed your team's color!

please leave a comment or email me at stifam@embarqmail.com to place your order.


The Revell Family said...

Ooooo...so cute! I want three pins please...Gator colors of course!!

Anonymous said...

Can you do a Auburn, please? Could I get a set of three and one large one for my niece for back to school? Just give me a shout...381-1983
Candis Dean :-)

Samantha said...

Ok these are too cute....BP needs to make an order with you, i'm serious....we need to get together on this. I think we could sell these, your ruffle onesies, and the tea towels....anyways I want 3 sets of the UF and 1 set LP no bling on both. Thanks girl

Mandylower said...

I love these, what a cute idea!! I want a set but i'm not sure of the colors. Maybe black and white or pink and brown. You are so amazing!! Mandy