in my kitchen

lately, in my kitchen, i have:

*baked oatmeal raisin cookies. they don't call them vanishing for no reason.

*made a THE BEST CAKE EVER, aka a chocolate peanut butter cake. you can find the recipe (and pictures) here at smitten kitchen. i must mention a few things 1) i am now smitten with her kitchen, 2) its very delicate but decadent, 3) she lists it as a celebration cake, 4) probably because it is sinful and rich, and 5) i am looking for another reason to celebrate soon!! it is a must do!

*refrigerated pickles using a super easy recipe. the hard part is waiting the five days.

*made homemade pizza. once you start its hard to pick up that phone and dial. (photo compliments of august)

*enjoyed fresh flowers on my dining room table from my thoughtful hubby.

post idea from soulemama.com

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Mandylower said...

Your peanut butter cake was amazing!! We had so much fun at your moms. I really enjoyed that day!! We need to do it again.