naked artist & some sewing

august had a pumpkin art project to complete at home.
he choose his own attire.

the masterpiece of a naked artist:

lauren is an edge cheerleader, so i made a cheer bag for her birthday.

so much fun hand stitching the name.

my grandmother needed a baby gift and loved heagan's remake.
this is what we came up with,
and i have just enough fabric left to make our little girl one of her own.

sewing that linen was heavenly....i have a new fabric obsession.

another custom order baby gift,
and trying out a new ruffle. (i think i like it alot!)

and my second faux chenille baby blanket for a very special little lady.
(we are still awaiting her arrival as i type this.)
so much fun seeing them come out of the dryer all "chenilled-up."

and by the way, a chenille cutter is the way to go if you ever try your hand at one of these babies.

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