lauren turns six

and her mama does a party up right!
the little guys stuck to the small pool.

but towards the end they got braver and braver,
crawling closer and closer to the top of this big slide!

somebody said pizza,
and i couldn't get cline to move from this spot until he had his tummy full of some!

lauren's diva cake....her mama is an amazing cake diva herself!

another cake she had ready to go for someone else celebrating a special day.

the cake diva herself and her trusty sidekick making snow cones for all the kiddos!

mandy, i still owe you for your electrical shock tease.
you know what they say about paybacks!

the birthday diva with her snow cones.

cake time

birthday kisses

brooker admiring his birthday bling favors.

one fun party, lauren.
can't believe you're six already.

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