august has been trying and liking some new foods.
among them: olive garden bread sticks, noodles, mac and cheese, and homemade potato chips.
not exactly healthy foods, but we'll take anything he's trying!

tatum's view of our christmas tree.
imperfect, perfectly decorated and redecorated daily.

my addiction, my weakness,
my "morning coffee",
at christmastime my "elf juice,"
and to the rest of the world it's simply known as coke.
i need to quit.....but it will have to wait until another day.

jack the elf made a late appearance this year.
the jury's still out on its effectiveness.
maybe next year he'll be more mischievous like so many others.
some fun elves out there on facebook and in blogland.

my sleeping beauties:
august at the dr.'s office.
he's not sick either.
got a clean bill of health and clear lungs!

tatum in big brother's passed down pj's.
mama may or may not have joined in her snoozing a few moments after snapping this photo.

out before christmas.
'tis the season of miracles!

i am loving instgram on my iphone....so easy, so fun!

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Anonymous said...

I will now be moving our elf to hang from a stocking! Great idea. Ours isn't very creative either and he's lazy too...hardly ever switches spots! I'll have to have a talk with him about that.

Baby Tatum is so very precious. Can't wait to meet her in person someday!

Merry Christmas!
Heidi S