tatum: one month old

yesterday tatum turned one month old.

hard to believe that it has been a month already.
she is a wonderful baby.
sleeps long stretches through the nights.
only cries when she is hungry.
has beautiful lips and long fingers and toes.
is starting to grow long eyelashes like her brother's.
her mama could just eat her up,
and can't stop kissing her sweet little head.
makes her brother laugh with her bodily noises.
has completely stolen our hearts.
is her big brother's "girlfriend."
daddy's sweet girl.
and is truly a blessing to our family.

and just because i don't want to forget:
naked pics didn't happen because somebody was over it.
and peed all over her mama and clean cloths hanging in the closet.
oh, the ways they can create a load of laundry!

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erica bass said...

Aunt Erica can't wait to hold that precious little Tatum. She is beautiful just like her momma.