conversation with my grandmama:
me: "i can't have it. i gave up coke for lent."
grandmama: "you gave up coke, not cheerwine."
it's oh so good.....i may even have a new addiction!

when erica and the kids were here visiting, we took the kids bowling.
they had a great time.
tatum is not in pain, just getting hungry and letting mama know about it.

batman and robin loved their time together and did a great job bowling.
e.n., i mean robin, even got a strike!

we also went jeep riding at the hunting lease.
and soaked in a gorgeous sunset.

so blurry, but a night out with friends and kids in a bar with karaoke was one to remember.
august was playing his air guitar.
samantha, wanna sing some acdc?!?!?

rockin' the old man hair!

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Samantha said...

If that guy was there again I think I'd actually have the courage to do it:)seriously can't believe how horrible he was;) auggies face makes me laugh. We will have to do again soon!!!