filling in the gaps via instagram

forgive me if i've already mentioned these things or shared the pictures,
but i'm pretty sure this is where i left off on my phone.

meet utah:
our new hunting dog,
and blaze's new companion.
he's a sweetie and very well trained...
if only the  hole diggin' and dragging off shoes could get under control!

batman protecting downtown:
more importantly the blueberry patch.
mama's favorite place to shop!

nap carefully:
you just may wake up with bandaids across your face!

catching our big mouse:
yes, we had a furry friend that no longer lives here.
2 days of tip toeing was plenty enough for me!
(no, kelly and erica, he had nothing on our friend in college!!)

new message board for the laundry room:
my first trip to hobby lobby and this empty frame was among some goodies to come home.
with a few screws, twine, and an extra set of hands a message board was born.

my new kitchen gadget:
a tortilla press for homemade corn tortillas.
sooooo yummy!

 august eating his first chicken nugget:
"this is the best chicken nugget mama!"
like he would know!?!?!

enough said.

visiting grandma re:
some story time was in order.

catching some zzz's:
way too cute!

smallest concrete finisher in town:
works for pizza.
yes, another new food added to his aresenal!


Samantha said...

I am so honored we have the cutest guard in town watching our place! Love that boy. He may have just earned his mama a discount for his efforts:)

Kelly Cosgrave said...

Oh I'm so glad you didn't have to relive that furry friend we had back in the day! Haha! Very cute pictures, thanks for sharing!