end of the year program

an end of the year program?
i can't believe that it has happened so fast.
or that this little one is quickly approaching 6 months.
and that this guy is getting closer and closer to starting kindergarten.
mama is so thankful for an october birthday and one more year until "real" school starts.

before the program, august told me he was going to be a stage singer when he grew up.
and that tonight was his practice.
though we may be slightly partial,
he did a great job and made us so proud.

when school started, kacee was his only friend that he really knew in his class.
here's a smile from her.

getting all the moves done just right!

and then kacee did this for the rest of the program!

one of his new buddies, jack,

and tripp,

and kaleb, his buddy that he can't sit by in chapel because they talk too much!

school has been such a wonderful experience for august this year.
he has learned so much and grown his personality.
his teachers have been awesome and loving.
and not once have i had to worry about him while he's there.
(except for maybe what he might do!)
not much more a mama could ask for.

so proud of you august....
you're growing up right!

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